Businesses built in silos struggle to compete in the modern era

Don't fix a process in silos, Fix the entire business

lean digital transformation    |      Integrated business platform 

We Work Hard To Make

technology Easy for you !

Modernising ageing legacy applications enables companies to reduce maintenance costs and leverage the flexibility and robust functionality of newer technologies.

Megham approach is much more than simple 'conversion'. By combining highly effective tools, people and processes, Megham manages the full end-to-end process delivering production ready applications customised to your unique requirements. 

Our proven agile approach to project delivery is designed to help you maximise results on your projects and transforming our customers' change capability...

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 Sony Missed the MP3

Coke and Pepsi Missed Energy Drinks

Kodak Missed Digital

Nokia forgot about Innovation

Travel agents didn't see Internet

 Borders missed ebooks

Sage failed to notice Cloud Revolution

Salesforce Overlooked Integrated Business Application

Using Best In Class (Silo) systems doesn't make you ready to face challenges in the Modern era.

Integrated Business Platforms the way Forward !!

Feasibility Study

This is the first step.

This can be 1 hr discussion to 1 week analysis to assess business.


This is the second step.

We give you a clear project plan of future state along with Proof of Value.


This is the third step.

We build the system, migrate your data, train your employees.


This is the fourth step.

Go-Live. Provide dedicated support  and benefit realisation

In-house  vs   Cloud

Proprietary     VS    Open Source

ERP    vs    IBP 

We keep you on the mark and cost efficient - you stay ahead

STOP building business in Silos !

tooo .. many systems, tooo.. much cost & maintenance !!


Organise customers, Sell smarter & Faster Customisable CRM


Easy to use, Integrated Finance & Accounting. Real-time information


Integrate key business operations; HR, Projects, Portals, BI


Integrated Business Platform - Connected Business !!!

A smooth transition from legacy systems

end to end processes      |            Integrated 

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Accounts: Finance & Accounting Management

HRM: Human Resource Management

PPM : Project and Programme Management

WHM : Inventory Warehouse Management

eCom: Web & eCommerce Integrated solutions

100's of Apps and Productivity Tools to help your processes and transform your business !!

Enterprise Modernisation


Growing a business in the digital economy isn't easy.  Please mind the innovation gap, between the business and the market expectations. A company using live system technology can fine-tune it's decision making, operations, supply chain and network of partners to create business value in the moment.

Business Automation

Process optimisation

Megham applies emerging trends; RPA - Robotic Process Automation, Lean Digital concepts to our platform architecture to address the challenges of today's automation. Building Intelligent automation aims to drive efficiency, provide transparency and facilitate compliance for repeatable processes.

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change !

Delivering Value to your business !!


we. advise

A Megham consultants understand that the world of business changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions.  

  • Enterprise Modernisation

  • Business & Finance Transformation

  • Shared Services & Outsourcing

  • Process Optimisation & Automation

  • Project & Portfolio Management

  • Big Data & Analytics


we. execute

Technology can no longer be as an add-on to business strategy. And IT Projects cannot be delivered with disregard for how business is done. 

  • Integrated Business Platforms

  • CRM, ERP systems

  •  eCommerce, Portal Solutions

  • BPM, PPM Solutions

  • MI, Reporting & Analytics

  • System Integrations

Support Services

we. deliver

Our commitment to delighting our clients comes from the passion and value-driven cost model, combining excellent service and value for money.

  • IT Help Desk

  • Infrastructure Support & Maintenance

  • Project & PMO Support

  • Process Audit & Health check

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Business Support Services