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About US

Megham is dedicated to achieving customers organizational goals through the most effective use of Information Technology. We are a dynamic and fast growing company committed towards creating value for our customers. Located in UK, Europe, USA, and India, we take pride in delivering rapid, customized open source enterprise applications following agile and lean software methods.

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Megham redefines professional services. Our approach builds on your unique capabilities, collaboratively empowering you to achieve excellence on your own terms .

You and your company are not ‘a customer’ but our collaborative partner

We work together, at no risk to you, to achieve Shared Success

Megham is a one-stop, one-contract source for all your strategy and professional service needsWith you, we develop a blended solution specific to your aims, needs and budget

You can count on certified, quality-assured, measurable performance improvements against pre-agreed objectives

We are proud to support and nurture the business community in challenging times, and to play our part in its ultimate success.

Enterprise Grade Services,

+ Quick Support

Enabling your business with quick action plans for growing business workflow. 

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Business Process Outsourcing

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Enterprise Modernisation

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Business Performance

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Finance Transformation


Megham provided us with an excellent service. From the initial consultation process straight through to completion of the system and training on site all ran smoothly and the training was top notch and tailored to the individual

DHL GBS UK Chief Finance Office


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Megham has been partnered with small start-ups to large enterprises for providing various IT enabled Services. Our clientele spans across various industry verticals


Assured Business Complete Workflow Implementation

100 % Guaranteed & Trusted Global.